Congratulations Biden Voters

Congratulations Biden Harris voters. You have achieved a Pyrrhic victory rivaling old General Pyrrhus himself.

What was won:

  • You have gained the presidency for a candidate in poor health unlikely to finish his term.
  • Your president participated in a previous administration who prosecuted and jailed more whistleblowers and journalists than any other administration in history. So much for transparency in Government.

What was lost:

  • You failed to gain control of the Senate.
  • You lost seats in the House leaving a tenuous majority.
  • You even lost one state house, with more to follow in 2022.
  • You proved you are just fine with voter suppression and election meddling as long as it is in your favor. Regardless of personal politics no one can deny that the trust in the American election system is destroyed and that meddling by Big media/Big Tech is real, undeniable and rampant.
  • Public health Policy: You destroyed faith in public heath policy as it is now clear most of the COVID hysteria was an essential part of the election meddling. We now see large crowds gathering for election celebrations and at college sporting events without a mention of social distance problems. The disease is real, the politics surrounding it was a scam.
  • No “Blue Wave”: a complete repudiation of the Biden-Sanders partnership platform. No Socialism, no Green New Deal, no statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, no packing the Senate or the the Courts.
  • Minority voters: Record numbers of non-white voters abandoned your party. For those minority voters that were questioning their Dem support, the election meddling will push many more into the republican camp. You have done nothing but create a massive Red Pill moment.
  • Freedom: you surrendered your rights to a cadre of malignant, power hungry, malicious, swamp dwellers and billionaires because they scared you with “scientists say…..”.

The political left has never understood the Trump phenom, dismissing him as a Carne-Barker, a FlimFlam man writ large. In truth, Trump and Trumpism is of their making. He became the embodiment of the discord and dissatisfaction resulting from the idolization of Obama & Clinton. He is their monster, and much like Dr Frankenstein they don’t much like their creation. Like the fictional Doctor, their hatred drove them to a single solution: kill him, politically. They mortally wounded him but he survived and soon will be out of the Castle. Just as the fictional Doctor discovered, once let loose the creation becomes their worst nightmare. Freed of the constraint of the office, the Donald will continue to promote himself and his message. The 2022/24 election cycle begins immediately. He will play King Maker and there is damn little the left or anyone else can do about it.

Still you managed to win if you can call it that so congratulations are still in order. Good to see you have gone full Stalinist and adopted his ethos: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Just like Harry Reid, you have defined the “new normal”, and just like him, you will discover payback is less than enjoyable.